Getting Stuff Done

Alsop Louie Partners is a team of seasoned investors who are entrepreneurs and executives with distinctive reputations. Each partner has experience building technology or media businesses that have grown into successful operating companies, public and private. Among our partners, we have experience in new media, gaming, SaaS, cloud infrastructure, security, and mobile. Half of the partners have had careers at intelligence agencies.

Keeping the Fun in the Fund

It’s no fun trying to invest lots of money in startup companies. And it’s no fun trying to figure out how to get 3x on $1B. We raise smaller funds and we have a lot of fun working with our entrepreneurs. We still try to hit the ball out of the park every time we invest. We do our own work. We move in with our entrepreneurs. We don’t mess around with our investors money. That’s fun.

Risky, Bold Ideas

Venture capital is risk capital. We are looking for entrepreneurs with bold ideas and big dreams. We look for new technologies and business models, where no market presently exists. We want companies with break-throughs that will reshape the status quo. We love to invest in companies with hard technologies tackling tough problems. 

The Geek & The Gadfly + The Spook

Geeks know everything; gadflies know everyone; spooks dig deeper to find out what you should have known.  We have a special place in our hearts for geeks. Geeks use technology to make products; they know enough to be able to pivot and be agile; they have fun solving tough problems. Gadflies know everyone and how to get from place to another without a map. Gadflies have attitude, don’t wait for others to tell them what to do; gadflies can get to anyone in the world. Spooks connect the dots in any network, electronic or human.

The Future is Young People

Young people try to do stuff old people think is dumb. We created a network of associates at selected universities. We recruit the brightest and most entrepreneurial undergraduate students to connect us to innovative ideas and research on campus and to keep us on our toes. Our associates are our partners starting as young as 19 or 20. We work with them while they are learning; we teach them to question everything and to challenge us. We form lifetime relationships that reward us with insight, vigor, attitude.

Investing in the Future

You cannot invest in the future without knowing what it is. This means we form a vision of the future and identify entrepreneurs who are working to make this shared vision come true. We have a team of partners with specific skill sets and networks that are critical to helping enable this vision. We think long term and act on our instincts. Ask any of us about the Evernet. And remember that you heard about it here first.